12oz. MANE-LY PROTECT/ DETANGLE Tangle Free Hair for Stronger-Longer-Silkier

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Unlock tangles quickly and prevent tangles and dreadlocks from returning; “Tangle Free Hair” is possible! This easy to use Detangler helps maintain Healthy Hair, keeping  it Silkier, Smoother with Shine too!  Leave in Long Lasting Formula that strengthens new hair growth while preventing dryness and preventing breakage. An application will protect from the elements for days. Formulated with Keratin Amino Acids, Panthenol B5, layered with water and non water soluble quality silicones (no alcohol, no solvents.) Use year round.

  1. -Formulated for Horses, Dogs and People too!  
  2. -Mane –  Tail – Forelock – Feather
  3. -Reduces grooming time!           
  4. -Repels dust, dirt, and burrs
  5. -Will not Freeze, great for winter care
  6. -Strengthens, Prevents and Protects
  7.  -Leave in  Long Lasting formula can be used dirty dry, wet clean
  8. -Lasts 3-5 xs longer than any other product  
  9. -Luxurious hair with no residue
  10. -IT WORKS!  
  11. EASY, SIMPLE, FAST, EFFECTIVE FORMULA:   Lasting 3-5xs plus longer than any product! Contains Vitamin B and Keratin. No alcohol. No residue, No Buildup

    DETANGLE, POLISH, PROTECT, DE-FRIZZ, DE-MATT,  SHINE  and MAINTAIN!  An amazing product that will gently detangle knots ,tangles, dreadlocks in minutes not hours and most important prevent them from returning. Protects from all elements and will not freeze (lowest temp reported from our customers  30 below in Canada and Alaska)

    A Nourishing LONG LASTING FORMULA  that is NON GREASY and leaves no residue. Repels dust and dirt, cuts grooming time, keeps hair tangle free, soft, silky and stronger.  Hair does not need to be washed or cleaned prior to usage. Use all year round. VITAMIN B5 AND KERATIN AMINO ACIDS  work to help strengthen and condition all hair types and colors.

    We encourage brushing with our brushes along with the polisher.  Brushing keeps the horse cleaner and healthier, removing the dirt and dander in the crest of the mane , the Doc of the Tail,  the Feather  and forelock. With the correct amount of Polisher in the hair and  our brushes it will clean without pulling  out or breaking the hair!!! A gentle glide, no yanking or pulling. Remember Polisher is not oily, does not gunk up, no residue, it just wears away or washes out.



    For an average Mane and tail we suggest starting with a big dollop or  a dollar coin size in the palms of  your hands.  Spread  evenly starting from the top to the bottom. Take the detangler brush and start at the ends and work upward inch, by inch. If you are struggling at this point with our Detangler Brush, then it means you need to add more polisher! Never struggle and pull hair out!  Add a little more until you have achieved the appropriate amount to detangle and brush inch by inch with ease!

    If you are detangling knots and tangles, saturate the problem areas heavily and let it sit for a few minutes or the next day for bad tangles and knots . Next day Add more and start to detangle with your fingers and then the detangler brush…

    A 12 oz. bottle will last approximately 6-9 months with an average mane and tail, used as maintenance aprox. 1 x a week.  This shows how less often you need to reapply and how long it lasts in the hair.

    Remember its not just for tangles, a weekly application will PREVENT tangles and burrs from adhering. Stronger Hair, apply a few times a week or a little daily. Layer with Hydrate 24 for extra hydraion, to get the ultimate silkier, smoother, and  longer hair.



    After using Restore shampoo,  our conditioner, towel dry hair then apply a few drops to wet hair, leave in and brush with our detangler brush. Adjust amount according to thickness of hair, and allowing to brush with ease.  Protects the hair from heating elements too! Touch up to dry hair to help with mats and frizzes.


    After using restore shampoo, our conditioner, towel dry hair then we suggest only a few drops to start. Add more if necessary. Apply to dry or wet coat  with hands and distribute throughout. Apply extra to mats and tangles to remove. Take damp cloth to remove excess, if your dog licks. Add as needed.

    Great for longer coat dogs…


    Remove matts, burrs etc. Do not leave in, cats lick. Remove with dampened cloth.


    -Easy to use

    -Maintains Hair, keeping it tangle free and conditioned longer

    -Long Lasting Formula!   Lasts 3-5 X’s longer PLUS, (aprox. 5-10 days or longer )

    -No Build Up, No Residue

    -Strengthens hair, prevents breakage

    -use as Maintanance 2-3 x’s a week for great results in strengthening

    -Add Hydrate 24 for extra hydration when hair is dry or damaged and regular maintanance

    -No washing needed prior to usage

    -Cuts grooming time


    -Repels dust & dirt

    -Use on a dry, wet, clean or dirty ,mane, tail, forelock and feathers

    -Removes tornado tangles and burrs fast.

    -Use our complete system for softer, silkier, smoother, stronger and whiter(removal of yellow stains)

    -Maintains show quality hair, leaving it soft , silky and shine.

    -Does not FREEZE IN THE BARN! Use all year round! Protects from the elements.