On consignment. Used 13" Bob Marshall Sport Treeless saddle with a 26in skirt, tan seat wrapped with basket weave leather. Sport saddles, the original treeless saddle, wasdesigned by Bob Marshall to be the mostcomfortable, balanced, best fitting saddle onthe market. Many years later, that still holds true.Horses are calmer, more relaxed, respond quicker andmove much more freely when being ridden in a Sport saddles. The design makes it free to conform todifferent width shoulders and different height withers,making it the most versatile saddle and the choice forhard to fit horses. It also allows the rider to be able tosit deeper in the seat for a more secure, balanced ride.Sport saddles are seen at all levels of competition andseveral disciplines of riding, from the NFR to the Teviscup, mounted shooting and on the many beautiful milesof trails and adventures being ridden every day. Please note the crease in pictures. $750 CAN SHIP

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