4 Star Trailers

4 Star Trailers: Original Owners since 1984-how many trailer manufacturers can say that?!

When I decided to start offering a new trailer line here at Hitchin' Post Trailers, LLC we knew exactly the type of brand we wanted to represent. Being active in this community and an avid horseman, I only wanted to offer a brand I knew I would be confident and proud to haul my horse in. As booming as our repair shop is, I didn't want to sell a customer a trailer and see it in my shop for frustrating malfunctions such as hinges breaking, windows falling out or horse damage from having a traumatic hauling experience in a less than par built trailer. I knew with this idea in mind the only brand I wanted to offer was 4 Star Trailers. They have been in business, as an all aluminum trailer, since 1984 with two of the original owners. This is an amazing testify to the quality of the trailer they are building, for them to withstand the economy swings as well as be a leading innovator for design and safety it proves to show they are in it for the long haul and plan to build trailers that stand up to their expectations. I like to refer to this brand as the Cadillac of the car world but feel that almost undervalues them. You will pay a higher price for a 4 Star then you might pay for another similar aluminum trailer and I would LOVE to show you why. It all comes down to the construction and quality of materials. This purchase will be a worthwhile investment for your family. 


The best part about 4 Star is they will customize any design you can dream up (pending engineering approval of course). Check out all the standard models 4 Star has to offer and let us know how you would change them to fit your needs! Don't feel like you have to go with another lesser brand out there because of a layout you saw of theirs and liked-we can likely build it too! Offering horse trailers, polo trailers, trainer trailers, living quarters (happy to offer interiors by Trail Boss Conversions ( & Outback Interiors (, stock trailers, horseshoeing trailers, pig trailers and more! Call Hitchin' Post Trailers today, talk to Ashley about building your custom design-quotes are FREE 503-554-9100



If safety is important to you then this is the brand you want!! Take a look at the value of an older model-higher resale then any other brand the same year and design. 


Call Hitchin' Post Trailers at 503-554-9100 and ask for Ashley. Happy to help answer any questions relating to 4 Star trailers, we have a nice selection of new 4 Star trailers for sale, we also keep on hand sample construction materials to show you whats inside these trailers.