Cushion Flooring for Horse Trailers 4'x7'


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NEW! Cushion Flooring to add to your horse trailer below the mats! This great flooring adds additional cushion and support for your hauls to prevent wear and tear on the horses joints!

Each sheet is 4'x7'x1", $125 a sheet, suggested one sheet per horse stall. We can install for you as well! CONTACT US FOR A DIRECT SHIPPING QUOTE TO YOU!


Cushioning Mat is made from polyethylene foam. The purpose of this product is to reduce leg and joint stress of your horse by putting it under the existing rubber mat. Testing has shown an improvement in shock absorption of up to 33%. The manufacturer recommends using a minimum 1/2" rubber mat on top of cushion for optimal performance.
Additional features of mat are:
· Lightweight (4'x7' sheet is about 4 pounds)
· Moisture resistant (foam is closed cell)
· Anti-microbial (resists mold & rot)
· Thermal insulation and road noise reduction